HALFTIME Chocolate Bars

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    Halftime Chocolate Bars
  • DateOctober 2011
  • ClientU of MN College of Design--Packaging Course
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This packaging design project was about creating a new type of candy, which included creating a name, tagline, and several flavors for the candy brand. I created a candy bar called 'Halftime', which was geared towards male sports fans. The description of the bars is, "A series of ultimate chocolate bars jam-packed with beer battered peanuts". The catchy tagline for this 'manly' bar is, "Make the second half better than the first". The three flavors were as follows:

  • White chocolate bar with a drop kick of beer battered peanuts for the defensive goal (Soccer Image)
  • Milk chocolate bar with a fast break of beer battered peanuts for the game winning shot (Basketball Image)
  • Dark chocolate blitzed with beer battered peanuts for the winning drive (Football Image)